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I’ve been busy cycling!

I’ve been so busy the last month I haven’t had a chance to post here. Apart from working far too many hours, I’ve been spending as much time as I can spare cycling. I’m trying to get fit (yet again) so I can finally go on my (self) promised cycle tour around New Zealand and India (maybe not in that order though).

It’s been going quite well apart from I’m having some joint problems with my poor old knee. But I won’t let my failing body stop me!

Bicycle Tour Decision

I used to be indecisive but I’m not sure any more. Alright, that’s the best humor I have to offer, so I will certainly not be giving up my day job!

Anyway, after a week or two of indecision between choosing either New Zealand or India for my bicycling holiday I have finally made my mind up!

Which country did I choose? Both!

I really do not have the money for this but I thought I may as well.

I think I’m going to do the New Zealand trip early next year (January or February) and the India trip mid or possibly late next year.

This should give me enough time to save up most of the money and I’ll just have to put the rest on my evil credit cards.

More on Auroville

The more I read and watch about Auroville, the more I like it!

Maybe it is just a case of the grass is always greener syndrome but I could get into their way of life.

Has anyone reading this been there?

What did you think?

I must be turning into a hippy!

Found a documentary about Auroville.

Some more places in India

In my never ending search for finding the perfect spots to visit in India (when I eventually do my trip there) I have found a couple more places which look really inviting.


Set in the Himalayas this place looks like it has a very colonial history which I believe will reflect in the culture there being different from the rest of India.

Maybe I’m wrong on that one but I’ll see.

From what I’ve read Jakhu Hill is very much worth visiting that has many monkeys which come very close to you.


This place sounds very interesting!

Basically lots of people live there in some kind commune where they connect with nature and all that.

Apparently they have this weird looking golden sphere which is also a solar generator.

I know it sounds a bit tree hugging but I have to check this place out.


This place holds the famous Taj Mahal. I think I would be mad not to include this on my itinerary.

It was built by their emperor as a monument to this third wife which I think is extremely touching.

Good documentary about Kashmir.

Looking into Places in India

As I mentioned before, I may give India a try (probably next year though).

So I’ve been doing a little research about India to try to work out where I want to visit.


This is supposed to be breathtaking. It’s a plateau in the Indus Valley located in the Himalaya’s.

So with the hopefully incredible mountain views and what seems like a very old culture, I think this is on my list.

It’s also known as the Moon Lands as well!


Well this is an obvious choice as it’s probably one of the most famous places there.

From what I’ve been reading, it’s almost a life changing experience but that could be just people selling it up.

Apparently the water rafting is top notch there as well.

I’ve been meaning to give that a go again.

The last water rafting I tried was in Australia and was a Grade 4, very scary but fun.


This is located in west India in the Konkan region.

I’m not sure I can make it there in the time I have but I’ll have to work all this out closer to the time.

There is lots of information on the Goa Wiki (

But I’m mainly going for the beaches!

Come on Foo Fighters 2012 Album

The more I read about their new album (hopefully released some time in 2012!), the more I’m looking forward to it.

As I said before, they’re going to use pure analog, no computers. And they’re going to record the songs in Dave’s garage!!

How cool is that?

I mean it’s like they’re going back to the old days where is all began. Actually, I don’t even know if they started in a garage but it was probably something like that.

Anyway, I wish I never sold my old Linn record player. Imagine getting their 2012 on vinyl. Yes, I know, they won’t even release it on vinyl but I can dream. ;-)


This is Mileford set to some lovely music.

Oh man I really want to go back there.

Picture Source:
This is the Mileford Sounds I was talking about. Stunning!

Picture Source:

This is the Mileford Sounds I was talking about. Stunning!